Bike Repairs


Bring your bike to us, or we’ll come to you!  Either way, we’ll get it fixed and have you back riding in no time.  We offer high quality repairs and can repair bikes of all ages.

Basic Adjustent
derailleur cables and limits set and adjusted
chain lubed tires inflated to proper pressure
frame and fork wiped down

Basic Tune Up
Includes: Derailleur/Brake adjustment, adjust bearings (as needed), wheel true, lubrication and safety check.

Delux Drivetrain Tune Up 
Includes: Everything from the basic tune up, plus drive train disassemble and deep clean, lubrication and check all derailleur pivots, and cable lubrication as needed.

Complete Overhaul 

Complete rebuild of a bike from the ground up. Includes Drivetrain Overhaul plus the following:
Removal, hot soap water cleaning and regreasing of all components
Facing of bottom bracket shell and head tube (if necessary)
Installation of new cables and housing
Complete re-assembly of cleaned parts to original or new frame

Suspension Fork Rebuilds 

Suspension forks need rebuild roughly every 200 hours of riding.  We will disassemble the fork inspect internals for any damage, replace the suspension oil, seals, and wipers.